Have you been falsely accused or wrongly prosecuted for assault family violence? False allegations and wrongful prosecutions harm the innocent, squander resources, and shortchange true victims.

Unfortunately, false allegations of domestic violence can be used against you primarily for strategic legal reasons or even a personal vendetta because of jealousy. So how can you protect yourself against false allegations in the future?

If you are in one of these types of relationships, then I always tell my clients the same thing……walk away and leave and do it quickly before any verbal argument can escalate even more. However, this does not always work for everyone. Nonetheless, there is one saving grace for parties, RECORD IT! Technology has become so easy these days that it is estimated that 98% of all telephones these days have the ability to audio or video record a conversation. Most people are concerned that this is against the law here in Texas; however, this is absolutely wrong. In Texas, it is not against the law to record a conversation so long as one party to the conversation is completely aware that the recording is taking place. In simple easy to understand terms, you are permitted to secretly record your own conversation with others because you know the recording is taking place.

As much as technology can help you, it can also be quite damaging as well. Always be careful what you text or email because something in writing is just as damaging. However, remember this is definitely a two way street. If you receive an offensive or disrespectful text or email, then definitely do not delete it or screen shot a photo of it or print it out. The same thing can be said of voicemails. Make sure you save any threatening or harassing voicemails. I cannot tell you how many times that I have been able to successfully obtain a not guilty verdict or an outright dismissal by using a text message, email, or a recording to prove the innocence of my client. Credibility is everything in these he said-she said cases.

Regrettably, the laws in Texas are not set up to protect the innocent or wrongfully accused. Thus, at this time, there are no remedies in place for the wrongly accused. Many times, the wrongfully accused are the real victims who have to spend large amounts of money on an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney to protect their reputation, freedom, and criminal record. You must do everything possible to protect yourself!

If you have been falsely accused of assault family violence, also known as domestic violence, here in Texas, then you need to contact an experienced criminal defense trial attorney who will prepare the case from the beginning as if it is going to trial to put pressure on the prosecutor to either dismiss these false allegations before trial or be prepared to lose at the time of trial. Attorney Scott Edgett has personally tried more 250 judge and jury criminal trials and has obtained more than 150 not guilty verdicts/acquittals. In addition, he has obtained more than 1100 criminal case dismissals.

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