Criminal Defense

Driving While Intoxicated… Without Alcohol?

One common misconception is that Driving While Intoxicated, or DWI, is always related to alcohol. We all know 0.08 BAC is the legal limit, but if you have lost the use of mental or physical faculties from any substance, you may be charged with DWI. What Signs do Officers Look for in a DWI Stop?… read more

What You Should Know About Child Pornography Laws

Unfortunately, in today’s digital age, incidents of child pornography have risen. Because of the accessibility of this material, and to protect children from being subjected to this type of conduct, the government harshly prosecutes and punishes child pornography offenders. Child Pornography Is Both a State and Federal Crime In this country, the U.S. government has… read more

How Do I Know I’m Under Federal Investigation?

When it comes to federal crimes, many people do not realize they are being investigated by the federal government until the charges are filed. Federal investigations are secretly conducted, which is why is it not uncommon for someone to be completely shocked when federal agents appear at their home or business. The following are some… read more

5 Common Types of Juvenile Crimes in the Summertime

When school is out for the summer, minors will spend more time at home and outside with friends enjoying the sunny weather, warmer temperatures, and longer daylight. However, this time of year is often associated with a significant spike in juvenile crimes in Texas. The following are the most common types of juvenile crimes in… read more

What Happens at an Arraignment?

An arraignment is one of the steps of your criminal case. After you have been arrested, you will be ordered to appear at an arraignment to formally advise you of the charges and ask you to enter a plea to the charges. The arraignment must be held soon after arrest, to prevent a violation of… read more

What Are the Penalties for a False ID in Texas?

False IDs aren’t uncommon among teens and young adults, who may use them to gain access to age-restricted products, such as alcohol or tobacco. Using a fake ID to buy alcohol or get into a club may seem like an innocent offense, but it can lead to serious legal consequences. Fake I.D. Laws in Texas… read more

Penalties for Violating a TX Protective Order

In Texas, protective orders – also known as restraining orders – are often issued by courts in cases involving domestic violence or stalking. A judge may grant such an order if an individual is arrested on family violence charges, or if the person’s spouse can file a petition with the court requesting protection. The protective… read more

Is Drug Possession a Felony or Misdemeanor Drug Crime?

Drug possession laws and penalties in Texas are severely enforced. Simple drug possession offenses, such as possession with intent to distribute, can lead to either a misdemeanor or felony charge. The nature of the charge relies on the quantity in possession, how the drug was concealed or stored, the discovery of large amounts of money,… read more

Criminal Hazing Laws in Texas

For decades, hazing has been a huge issue throughout various institutions in the United States. It has come to the attention of Texas lawmakers that there needs to be consequences for such inhumane acts on fellow peers. Studies show that more than half of college students involved in clubs, teams, fraternities, sororities, and other organizations… read more

Social Media Use While You Are Under Investigation

With millions and billions of people who have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other accounts on various platforms on the internet, social media has changed the way people communicate and obtain information. Many people share a wide variety of aspects of their lives. From thoughts and emotions to new stories and political opinions, nothing is… read more