Criminal Defense

Adderall Use within College Campuses

In a world where prospective employers are looking for more than just a college degree, the pressure for students to achieve is great. Often students take full-time course schedules, attend various college organization meetings, balance fraternity and sorority obligations and even manage to fit in a part-time job. Many overworked, overscheduled and overcommitted college students… read more

Drug Possession on College Campus

For many students, college challenges them both academically and socially. The newfound freedom can be an exciting element for young underclassmen, but for some, it can lead to trouble. If you or someone you know has been accused of violating your college campus’s drug policy, contacting a Plano drug lawyer is critical to ensure your… read more

Can You Expunge Drug Charges in Texas?

Can I Get A Drug Charge Expunged? As Plano drug crime attorneys, we can inform you of the various laws regarding your case. Texas law allows for some cases to be expunged, including drug crimes, if they have not been found guilty. Attorney Scott Edgett knows that having a drug charge on your criminal record… read more

What Evidence Is Needed to Prove Assault?

In Texas, to convict someone of assault, there must be sufficient enough evidence to support all of the elements of the legal definition of assault. There are two different types of assault charges in our state: simple assault and aggravated assault. What Are the Differences? Simple assault does not typically involve the use of weapons… read more

Assault Family Violence False Accusations in Texas

Have you been falsely accused or wrongly prosecuted for assault family violence? False allegations and wrongful prosecutions harm the innocent, squander resources, and shortchange true victims. Unfortunately, false allegations of domestic violence can be used against you primarily for strategic legal reasons or even a personal vendetta because of jealousy. So how can you protect… read more

If You Plead Guilty To A DWI In Texas, It Permanently Stays On Your Criminal Record Forever

I have helped numerous clients over the years who have been arrested for DWI, also known as Driving While Intoxicated. Most of my DWI clients are first time offenders who are not familiar with the entire criminal justice system in Texas. Almost every single client clenches their throat during our initial meeting when I explain… read more

What to do if Stopped for a DWI in Texas

DWI arrests are one of the most common arrests that occur in Texas. It does not matter your race, age, or socioeconomic class. If you are ever stopped for DWI investigation, then it is important to know what to do to protect you. First, and foremost, act politely and with respect towards the officer. Keep… read more