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Child Protective Services Investigations in Texas

Child Protective Services (CPS) is a government agency organized under the Texas Department of Family and Protective Service. The stated mission of CPS is to protect Texas children from abuse and neglect by providing protective services, foster care, and adoption services. This stated mission is certainly important. However, in practice, CPS frequently violates the constitutional… read more

What Happens When a Domestic Violence Victim Doesn’t Want To Press Charges?

Research indicates hundreds of thousands of incidents that qualify as family or domestic violence are reported in Texas every year. Being accused of domestic violence in Texas can have major implications for your future. If you’re facing a potential conviction for domestic violence, you need to enlist the help of a qualified attorney. They can… read more

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer if I’m Innocent?

The short answer to the question of whether you need a criminal defense lawyer if you are innocent is “yes.” Being innocent does not mean you will be acquitted of your criminal charges. There are many innocent people convicted for crimes each year. The presumption of innocence is the foundation of our criminal justice system…. read more

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer to Fight Misdemeanor Charges?

Criminal defendants always have the option to represent themselves. But you should consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer any time for any criminal charges that are more serious than a traffic infraction. To decide whether you should hire a criminal defense lawyer, consider the risks of conviction. Conviction could include consequences that follow you for… read more

Can I Shoot Someone in Plano Who Is Trying To Steal My Car

Using a gun to prevent someone from stealing your car is considered deadly force. Therefore, shooting someone who is trying to steal your car implicates Texas’ deadly force laws. While we have the right to defend ourselves and our property, we do not always have the right to use deadly force. Protecting Your Property in… read more

Is it Legal to Live in a Camper in Your Backyard?

It depends on where you live. However, it is not legal to live in a camper or recreational vehicle (RV) parked in your backyard in most places. Most cities and counties have zoning ordinances that prohibit RVs and campers as permanent residences when they are parked in the owner’s yard. Texas law allows cities and… read more

How Long Does Alcohol Stay on Your Breath?

Being pulled over by a police officer for suspicion of DUI can be a frightening experience. You may have had just a couple of beers at dinner, and now you are standing on the side of the road taking a field sobriety test.  If you take a breathalyzer, are you going to fail it? How… read more

Is It Legal To Own a Pet Sloth in Texas?

Yes, it’s legal to own a pet sloth in Texas. However, before you buy a sloth as a pet in Texas, you need to know the law and consider the consequences of owning a wild animal. Texas Laws Related To Owning Exotic or Wild Animals Texas laws regarding owning exotic or wild animals as pets… read more

Is It Legal to Drive Barefoot in Texas?

Most people do not think twice about sliding off their shoes to drive. As soon as they get into their vehicle, they slip out of their shoes and drive barefoot. However, could you get into trouble for driving barefoot in Texas? Texas Laws Regarding Driving Barefoot It may be unlawful for you to enter some… read more

8 Tips for an Effective Character Letter for a Judge

After a guilty verdict or a plea deal, a defendant will face sentencing. For most crimes, the criminal statutes provide a range of possible sentences, and the judge has the discretion to choose a sentence within that range. Below, we’ve compiled information on the ways that character letters are used in sentencing, together with tips… read more