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How Long Does Alcohol Stay on Your Breath?

Being pulled over by a police officer for suspicion of DUI can be a frightening experience. You may have had just a couple of beers at dinner, and now you are standing on the side of the road taking a field sobriety test.  If you take a breathalyzer, are you going to fail it? How… read more

Is It Legal To Own a Pet Sloth in Texas?

Yes, it’s legal to own a pet sloth in Texas. However, before you buy a sloth as a pet in Texas, you need to know the law and consider the consequences of owning a wild animal. Texas Laws Related To Owning Exotic or Wild Animals Texas laws regarding owning exotic or wild animals as pets… read more

Is It Legal to Drive Barefoot in Texas?

Most people do not think twice about sliding off their shoes to drive. As soon as they get into their vehicle, they slip out of their shoes and drive barefoot. However, could you get into trouble for driving barefoot in Texas? Texas Laws Regarding Driving Barefoot It may be unlawful for you to enter some… read more

8 Tips for an Effective Character Letter for a Judge

After a guilty verdict or a plea deal, a defendant will face sentencing. For most crimes, the criminal statutes provide a range of possible sentences, and the judge has the discretion to choose a sentence within that range. Below, we’ve compiled information on the ways that character letters are used in sentencing, together with tips… read more

What to Expect if You’re Arrested for Drug Possession

Possession of controlled substances can result in a stay in jail and a fine. Depending on the drug you had in your possession, you could be sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence and owe thousands of dollars in fines. Knowing what you can expect if you’re arrested for drug possession in Texas can help you… read more

Exigent Circumstances: What They Are and Why They Allow the Police to Search and Seize Without a Warrant

Many people are not aware that under certain circumstances, Texas police can conduct searches without a warrant. In these specific cases, the police can enter your home or property without even knocking.   You might assume that you are safe from an intrusion by police when you are inside your own home or apartment, but you… read more

What Are Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude?

Being charged with any criminal offense is a serious matter. You can face numerous penalties for a conviction, including prison, fines, probation, and electronic monitoring. However, are there special punishments for crimes involving moral turpitude in Texas? What is a Crime of Moral Turpitude? The conduct involved in committing a crime of moral turpitude is… read more

10 Examples of Police Misconduct to Refer to For Your Case

Police departments across the country have come under increased scrutiny over the last few years as video of officers breaking the law have gone viral in a number of now-infamous instances. However, police misconduct doesn’t need to be caught on video or make national headlines in order to affect you negatively. Police have a long… read more

Texas Gun Laws and Gun Crimes

Texas is a gun-friendly state, but that does not mean that you can do whatever you desire with a weapon and not face a crime. Texas gun laws are serious, and the penalties for violating those laws can be severe. Before you decide to own, possess, or carry a firearm in Texas, you need to… read more

What You Need to Know About DWI Classes

In Texas, being convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) is extremely serious and can lead to jail time, fines, and the suspension of your license. Because DWIs are stubbornly common, the state has taken a robust approach to enforce its laws related to drinking and operating a motor vehicle. The nationwide statistics on drunk driving… read more