For many students, college challenges them both academically and socially. The newfound freedom can be an exciting element for young underclassmen, but for some, it can lead to trouble. If you or someone you know has been accused of violating your college campus’s drug policy, contacting a Plano drug lawyer is critical to ensure your freedoms are protected.

College disciplinary hearings may seem like no big deal, but without the guidance of an experienced attorney, you could end up self-incriminating. Unlike the police, who are required to read your Miranda Rights before making an arrest, school counselors and administrators often do not adequately inform students of their rights before interrogating them. Often, students are found guilty of violating policies with little or no investigation.

Consequences of Drug Charges or Convictions

If you are found guilty of violating school policy, you could lose many of your academic privileges; including your scholarship, financial aid, and student housing. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could be expelled from school. Because most school officials handling your disciplinary case do not have legal training, school administrators are not required to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty. By retaining our experienced Plano drug attorney as your legal advocate, you can ensure your hearing has the best possible outcome.

Outside the academic consequences, students also face legal repercussions. Penalties for drug possession in Texas vary based on the type of drug, amount, and past convictions. Some college students attending a Texas University from out of state may be surprised to find out that Texas still criminalizes marijuana. Possession of marijuana is classified as a misdemeanor, which could carry a sentence of up to 180 days in jail and fines of up to $10,000.

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With your future at stake, it is critical you hire a skilled Plano criminal defense attorney to represent you. At the Edgett Law Firm, we understand how important graduating from college is for students, which is why our legal team can fight tenaciously on your behalf. Everyone makes mistakes in life, but the important part is that you take steps not to repeat the mistakes of your past. If you are a university student from the University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Christian University or any surrounding colleges in the area, call us today to speak a member of our legal team.

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