Plano Assault Lawyer

Have you been arrested or charged with assault? With more than a decade of experience and a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating, the Plano assault defense lawyer at Edgett Law Firm knows how to help. Our firm has built a reputation for dependable defense when it counts. We do this by gathering and examining evidence, then building a workable defense strategy. These are not charges you should fight on your own. Call our team today to begin building your defense strategy.

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Fighting Serious Violent Crime Charges

Violent crimes are taken very seriously in the eyes of the law. If you care about your future, it is imperative that you have an experienced attorney on your side. Our team of Dallas criminal defense lawyers offers compassionate support to get you through this difficult experience. Our firm can provide solid representation for you if you are facing charges for assault.

Consequences Involved in Assault Charges

Assault refers to the act of intentionally attempting to inflict violence or threatening another with violence. The exact consequences involved in an assault charge depend on the specific factors involved. Defending against these charges requires knowledgeable and aggressive representation.

A few of the factors that will be considered in establishing the severity of penalties include whether or not the assault was committed:

  • Against a police officer
  • Against an elderly person
  • Against a child
  • While using a gun or deadly weapon

If you are currently being investigated for assault or have been arrested, it is important that you hire a Plano assault lawyer right away. Edgett Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to protect your rights.

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