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Manslaughter occurs when a person’s death is caused in a reckless manner. Those who are convicted not only face lengthy prison sentences and expensive fines but also the possibility of a permanently damaged reputation. If you are currently under investigation for manslaughter, it is imperative that you retain experienced and skilled legal representation.

At the Edgett Law Firm, we can help you conduct a thorough investigation about what happened, collect evidence, and analyze claims made by law enforcement to develop an aggressive and personalized defense strategy for you.

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Manslaughter Penalty

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While manslaughter and murder both involve the unlawful killing of another individual, murder entails an intentional killing that is committed with malice aforethought. Manslaughter does not. It is considered a second-degree felony, and can include a prison sentence between 2 and 20 years and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

In order to successfully defend against manslaughter, you must be able to prove that you did not intend to cause lethal harm to another person. Our firm has experience defending these crimes, and we know the strategies that work when helping our clients protect themselves.

Defenses against manslaughter charges can include:

  • An accident
  • Self-defense
  • False allegations made by prosecutors
  • Lack of mental control
  • Intoxication

At the Edgett Law Firm, we understand how difficult your situation feels. We offer over a decade of experience in trial litigation and over a thousand cases handled. Our Plano manslaughter lawyer possesses the comprehensive knowledge of Texas laws and court proceedings to help you get your life back on track. Let us protect you from beginning to end.

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