Shoplifting Lawyers in Plano

Shoplifting, also known as retail theft, consists of stealing merchandise from a business. While it is considered a lesser theft offense, it is still a serious crime in Texas. Our Plano shoplifting attorney understands what it takes to protect your rights and your freedom.

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Shoplifting Penalties

Man shoplifting in Plano, TX

The sentencing guidelines for shoplifting in Texas correlate with other forms of theft.

Depending on the valued amount, your shoplifting charge may be punished as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

The penalties for shoplifting are the following:

  • Less than $50 value – Class C misdemeanor
    • Fine of up to $500
  • Less than $50 value, but has a previous theft conviction – Class B misdemeanor
    • Maximum jail sentence of 180 days
    • Fine of up to $2,000
  • More than $50, but less than $500 value – Class B misdemeanor
  • More than $500, but less than $1,500 value – Class A misdemeanor
    • Maximum jail sentence of 1 year
    • Fine of up to $4,000
  • More than $1,500, but less than $20,000 value – State jail felony
    • Jail sentence between 180 days and 2 years
    • Fine of up to $10,000
  • More than $20,000, but less than $100,000 value – Third-degree felony
    • Jail sentence between 2 and 10 years
    • Fine of up to $10,000

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At the Edgett Law Firm, we understand how severe the penalties can be and how much damage a theft conviction on your permanent criminal record can cause to your reputation. Our Plano shoplifting defense attorney has an in-depth knowledge of Texas laws and court proceedings to help navigate through the complexities of the system. It may even be possible to reduce the criminal charges against you or have your case dismissed entirely. Get started as soon as possible.

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