Plano Violent Crimes Lawyer

Violent crimes cases are taken very seriously in court, and prosecutors in both state and federal courts argue fiercely to obtain a conviction. If convicted of a violent crime, the penalties can include fines, probation, and even incarceration.

In some cases, the convicted individual may be forced to participate in anger management classes as a form of punishment or following release.

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Penalties for Violent Crimes

arrested man with handcuffs for committing a violent crime in Plano, TX

Violent crimes are almost always a felony. If you are convicted, the consequences could extend beyond fines and incarceration, including losing the right to drive or obtain certain licenses, and making it difficult to find a job or own a home.

We offer legal defense for many violent crime cases, such as:

Prosecutors must prove that the defendant had every intention of doing harm to another person. Even violent threats, or threats of harming another. As part of the investigation process, Attorney Scott E. Edgett fights relentlessly to obtain reduced and dismissed charges.

Aggressive & Experienced Defense

Our team is a formidable opponent for prosecutors in the courtroom. With over a decade of experience in trial litigation, he has become a trustworthy and reliable attorney. Boasting over a thousand cases handled and inclusion in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers, he knows how much dedication and knowledge it takes to take on state and federal prosecutors. He is ready to stand strong for those accused of a serious, violent crime, protecting them at every turn.

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