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Criminal charges can turn your life upside down. One moment everything is fine, and the next the government is threatening to lock you up and throw away the key. Not on our watch. Edgett Law Firm built its reputation as hard-hitting trial lawyers through tough trial victories, not by rolling over.

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How Can Edgett Law Firm Help With White Collar Crime Charges in Plano, Texas?

How Can Edgett Law Firm Help With White Collar Crime Charges in Plano, Texas?

Plano white collar crime lawyer Scott Edgett will stand up for your innocence when the full weight of the state is bearing down on you. We have the experience and knowledge to innovate a unique defense when your circumstances call for it.

Some of the tactics we use in white collar crime cases include:

  • Helping you invoke your right to remain silent
  • Demanding and analyzing every piece of evidence from the state
  • Working with financial and accounting experts to prove your innocence
  • Filing suppression motions so evidence cannot be used against you
  • Presenting your case to a jury to prove your innocence

Many clients want to pursue an acquittal at trial. Whether you prefer a quiet resolution through negotiations or a full acquittal at trial, our team can help. We begin by preparing every case thoroughly for trial. This allows us to negotiate from a position of strength.

If the state won’t listen to reason, our criminal defense attorneys have over 22 years of legal experience that we can put to use defending you at trial. We are widely known as hard-hitting trial lawyers, a reputation that wasn’t built overnight. 

If you need legal representation in Plano, Texas, call Edgett Law Firm for help. We offer free consultations with our Plano criminal defense lawyer.

Overview of White Collar Crime 

White collar crime is distinguished from regular crime due to the sophistication of the conduct. These crimes are typically financial in nature and are often committed by someone through their occupation or a position of trust. White collar refers to the typical white buttoned shirt of a professional. 

Some high risk groups for being accused of a white collar crime include:

  • Accountants
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Financial advisors
  • Any caretaker who helps manage someone’s affairs, including those with elderly parents
  • Government employees
  • Lawyers

Because white collar crimes are financial in nature, they have unique complexity. The complex nature of these cases requires skilled, experienced legal counsel to effectively build a strong defense against the allegations you are facing. 

What are White Collar Crime Charges in Texas?

Edgett Law Firm understands that white collar crime can come in many different shapes and sizes. From sophisticated schemes to small, honest mistakes, the wide range of white collar crimes threaten to ensnare many good people. 

Scott Edgett has seen it all during his lengthy career as a criminal defense lawyer. Whether you are charged with a federal crime or are facing state criminal charges, Scott can help. 

Some of the white collar crimes commonly charged in Texas include:

With so many laws and regulations on the books, it is easy for someone to get caught up in allegations of financial fraud. 

Allegations of white collar crime and theft often come about because of one of two things. First, they can happen due to a mistake. Most white collar crimes require prosecutors to prove intentional misconduct. If someone made an honest mistake they should not be convicted, though proving a mistake occurred can be challenging. Second, these allegations may be made when someone is disgruntled that a deal went awry, and they are looking for a scapegoat. 

It is critical to prepare a vigorous defense against allegations of white collar crime from the outset of the case. This is the only way to protect your reputation and freedom. Defending these allegations is complex; you should never talk to criminal investigators without your lawyer present. Otherwise, you may risk incriminating yourself by accident. 

If you have been accused of committing federal crimes or state crimes, contact Edgett Law Firm right away. 

What are the Penalties for White Collar Crime in Texas?

The penalties for white collar crime in Plano, Texas, can vary widely, depending on the unique charges and circumstances in your case. One important factor that often increases the severity of these charges is the dollar amount. 

While a few white collar crimes can be charged as misdemeanors, they are felonies most of the time. A felony is the most serious type of crime and carries the possibility of prison time. 

Some of the possible classifications and penalties of white collar crimes are: 

ClassificationJail TimeFines
2nd Degree Felony2 – 20 years prison$10,000 max
Third Degree Felony2 – 10 years prison$10,000 max
State Jail Felony180 days to 2 years jail$10,000 max
Class A MisdemeanorUp to one year jail$4,000 max

The criminal complaint that you receive in court will contain the unique charges and minimum and maximum penalties you are facing. You will need to work closely with your criminal defense attorney to determine to determine the seriousness of the allegations against you. 

Edgett Law Firm understands how scary these penalties look. We want you to know that we will work tirelessly and leave no stone unturned in the battle to prove your innocence. Whether we are fighting for a full acquittal at trial or seeking a resolution that keeps you out of prison, we are going to do everything we can for you.

What Defenses are Available to Allegations of White Collar Crime?

Our legal team may need to work closely with forensic accountants or other subject matter experts to figure out why you were accused of a white collar crime. We have access to the resources you need to defend yourself against allegations of wrongdoing.

Each cases is different and will require Edgett Law Firm to prepare a unique defense strategy. However, some tactics common to many different cases include:

  • Proving that you were framed for someone else’s crime
  • Showing that there was no intent to defraud but only negligence / mistake
  • Arguing that your Fifth Amendment Miranda Rights were violated such that incriminating statements must be thrown out
  • Having evidence suppressed due to an unlawful search under the Fourth Amendment
  • Working with computer experts to find out if your computer was hacked causing the crime
  • Showing weaknesses in the state’s case which prevent them from meeting the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict you

When we defend clients we always try to do two things, if possible. First, we search for exculpatory evidence, which is evidence that you are actually innocent. We want to prove to the jury that you are innocent. Second, we want to poke holes in the government’s case against you. 

If you are facing charges for white collar crime or any form of financial fraud, contact Edgett Law Firm right away.

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