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Have you or a loved one been arrested on criminal charges in Prosper, TX? Taking immediate action by building a strong, effective defense is key to protecting yourself. At the Edgett Law Firm, our experienced Prosper criminal defense lawyers are here to help. Call us today at 972-424-0760 to discuss your case.

At our Texas law firm, our priority is delivering results when it counts. We have decades of combined legal experience and we don’t back down from a fight. We’ve earned our reputation for success where it’s most important: defending thousands of satisfied clients in the courtroom.

Our criminal defense attorneys in Prosper know that the criminal process can be overwhelming. We handle cases just like yours on a regular basis–so we know the defense strategies that work and can help you understand what to expect. 

Why Should I Hire An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer In Prosper?

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The state of Texas has countless attorneys on its side. When you go into the courtroom, those attorneys will have worked to prepare a strategic case designed to win a conviction. You deserve an experienced defense lawyer who can level the playing field. 

Our lawyers are experienced in handling cases in Texas state or federal court. We know what it takes to succeed in jury trials that seem designed to turn ordinary people against you. Recognition and awards like “Super Lawyers” are important. Our true measure of success is measured by the clients whose lives we’ve helped put back on track.

Here are just some of the reasons you should hire an experienced lawyer at the Edgett Law Firm to help with your Prosper criminal defense strategy.

Was Your Prosper Arrest Lawful? We’ll Find Out 

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The police can’t just arrest you for any reason–even though it might often seem that the opposite is true. Both the U.S. constitution and Texas state law protect you from unlawful arrests. 

For an arrest to stand, the police must have a reasonable basis for the arrest. In other words, they must have a reasonable reason to suspect you committed a crime. This is called “probable cause.”

It’s hard to defend your own rights when faced with a police officer who seems to have all the power. Our lawyers see cases where the police have overstepped their authority all the time. That’s why we conduct our own comprehensive investigation into every aspect of your case–including the initial arrest. If the police violated your rights, we’ll find out and move to have your case dismissed outright.

Determining Whether Your Rights Have Been Violated is Our Priority

Freedom from unreasonable arrests is not your only legal right–not by a long shot.

  • The police have a legal duty to avoid violating your rights.
  • They can’t search your property without following proper procedures.
  • They can’t use unreasonable force against you.
  • They can’t force you to answer questions without a lawyer.

Our lawyers know how to get the evidence we need to make sure your rights are protected. Texas prosecutors shouldn’t be able to benefit from violating your rights. We’re here to keep them honest. If you were the victim of an unreasonable search and seizure or were deprived of your rights in any way, we’ll find out.

Getting evidence thrown out–whether it’s physical evidence or a statement you made–can make all the difference in securing a dismissal or reduced charges.

A Thorough Investigation Can Make or Break Your Case

When approaching your case, other lawyers might simply rely on the evidence given to them by the prosecution. We take a different approach to building your criminal defense.  We want to see the whole picture, not just the evidence that makes you look guilty.

That’s why we conduct our own independent investigation as soon as you hire us. We’ll go to work to:

  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Visit the alleged scene of the crime
  • Make sure we have every piece of evidence that the prosecution will use in their efforts to convict
  • Analyze police reports, medical reports and the results of scientific testing
  • Investigate to find ways to discredit the prosecution’s witnesses
  • Retain our own experts and specialists

Our thorough investigation is key to building an evidence-based defense strong enough for any court of law. Anyone can look guilty to someone who only knows one side of the story. We’ve been doing this for decades and we know how to find the evidence we need to introduce reasonable doubt.

The State Benefits From Experts. You Should Too.

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Advances in science and technology have fundamentally changed the way some criminal cases are handled. The state will use experts at every available turn. You should also benefit from the wisdom of specialists.

At the Edgett Law Firm, we’ve spent years working with respected experts in Prosper–so we know the best people for the job. The experts we retain to testify on your behalf might include:

  • Crime scene reconstruction specialists
  • Medical experts
  • Mental health specialists
  • Forensic experts
  • Ballistics experts
  • Fingerprint experts
  • Breath test experts
  • Technological and computer specialists
  • And more

The testimony of a respected expert can be the key to securing a not guilty verdict. We also use experts to discredit questionable evidence that the prosecution might try to use against you. If you want to learn more about how the leading specialists and professionals in Prosper can help protect your future, give us a call today.

Our Lawyers Never Back Down From Taking Your Case All The Way to Trial

Defense lawyers are busy people. All too often, we see cases where the lawyers focus more on securing a plea bargain than a not guilty verdict. At the Edgett Law Firm, we take the opposite approach. Throughout the investigation and pre-trial process, our criminal defense lawyers remain focused on one thing: building a case that will succeed at trial.

Yes, most criminal charges are resolved without a trial. But accepting a guilty plea isn’t always in your best interests. Prosecutors know that our defense attorneys stand ready for a fight at trial if necessary–and they know our reputation for success.

This increases your chances of getting the best plea deal possible. The prosecution isn’t going to offer a favorable plea if they know your lawyer doesn’t have the trial skills to win. When they sit down with us at the negotiating table, they know we’ve looked at your case with every contingency in mind–and knowing that they don’t want to face off against us at trial. 

Our Prosper Law Firm Handles All Types of Criminal Matters

Our lawyers at the Edgett Law Firm have already helped thousands of Prosper clients with their criminal matters. Throughout the years, our award-winning lawyers have earned a proven track record of success you can count on.

Our Prosper criminal defense attorneys regularly handle cases involving:

police detention drug courier.

We are a full-service criminal defense firm with the proven track record of success that you want in your corner. Our defense attorneys take your case seriously no matter what the circumstances–and we treat you with respect and compassion. Whether you’re charged with a relatively minor drug crime or facing life in prison, we put the full weight of our substantial skills to work for you.

Getting started is simple. Just call our law offices to schedule your free consultation with an experienced Prosper criminal defense lawyer today.

Should I Cooperate With the Police and State Prosecutors?

Whenever you’re dealing with the police and Texas state prosecutors, it’s important to be calm and polite. You don’t want to invite additional trouble. That doesn’t mean you have to help them prove their case. Our criminal justice system is set up so that you’re innocent until proven guilty–and it’s the prosecutor’s job to do the proving.

If you’re taken into custody, ask to speak to a lawyer as soon as you’re given the chance. You don’t have to answer any questions in the meantime, even if they keep asking. Our lawyers will get there as soon as we can to help. 

Remember, the police will try to use anything you say in their favor. You might not even know that you’re telling them something that will help their case. That’s the whole reason you have the right to an attorney by your side.

What Should I Do If I Am Arrested?

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Sometimes people avoid invoking their right to remain silent upon arrest because they think they have nothing to hide. In reality, you might say something to help the prosecution with their case. 

If you’re arrested, your role is very simple. Tell the police you would like to speak with an attorney before answering any questions and that you’re invoking your right to remain silent. After that, just remain silent until your attorney is present. It doesn’t make you look guilty. It shows law enforcement that you understand your legal rights.

Our Prosper criminal defense lawyers at the Edgett Law Firm are ready to take over and protect your rights as soon as you call.

Prosper Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The Edgett Law Firm is a full-service Texas criminal defense law firm. We have focused solely on criminal defense so that we can provide our clients with the strongest defense possible. Our practice areas include:

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can range from a simple marijuana possession charge to something as complex as drug manufacturing and trafficking. Our lawyers are here to help regardless of the charges. Often, the police will find drugs in your possession when they have no legal basis to search your person or property. We’ll fight to get any evidence the police obtain illegally excluded at trial–making it much more difficult, if not impossible, for the state to prove their case.


Conviction on driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges can make your life extremely difficult. We often see clients who think that the police breath test eliminates any chance of a successful defense. That’s simply not the case. DWI cases are complex, and police officers make mistakes. An experienced defense lawyer understands that it’s possible to challenge the procedures used by the police–and even the results of the breath test itself. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges carry all of the possible penalties of any other crime–jail, financial penalties, and a lasting criminal record. They also have the potential to destroy your family. Our lawyers will do everything we can to get the charges dropped and discredit the allegations against you. We know that false allegations are unfortunately common in family disputes. We make protecting your reputation and your freedom priorities in these emotionally-charged cases.

Federal Crimes

Any criminal charge can be overwhelming. When the FBI, DEA, and other federal agencies get involved, it’s easy to feel shaken. Our lawyers have the experience you need to handle the complexities that arise in federal cases. Federal crimes are handled in federal court, whether you’re facing federal drug charges or a white-collar offense like money laundering. The stakes are much too high to trust an inexperienced lawyer with your future. Our lawyers at the Edgett Law Firm have successfully helped countless clients beat federal charges and we’re here for you, too.

Juvenile Crimes

A mistake you make as a minor shouldn’t be able to ruin your future. Juvenile cases are handled differently in Texas–and our lawyers approach them differently too. We conduct our full investigation to get you out of detention as quickly as possible. We also work to identify ways to explore rehabilitative options to help you avoid a lasting criminal record. 

Sex Crimes

Nothing can ruin your reputation quite so quickly as being accused of a sex crime. We help clients accused of sexual assault, date rape, statutory rape, and even child pornography. Beating these serious charges is critical to protecting your future. Sex offender registration requirements can limit where you can live, when you can move, and whether you can find a job. Our goal is to leave the prosecution without a scrap of credible evidence against you. We’ll work to discredit witnesses and scientific evidence to make sure your rights are protected.

Theft Crimes

Theft-related charges fundamentally challenge your credibility. Whether it’s a minor shoplifting offense or something as serious as grand theft auto, people will question their ability to trust you. You might have a hard time getting a job or even lose certain professional licenses. Our lawyers take these allegations seriously and will fight to keep your record clean.

White Collar Crimes

In this day and age, financial crimes are often viewed as harshly as more traditionally serious crimes. Our white-collar crime defense lawyers are familiar with the complex evidentiary issues that these cases create. We know how to challenge the prosecution’s case and present our own arguments based on the opinions of respected financial, computer, and technology experts.

Violent Crimes

Texas prosecutors are under a great deal of pressure to convict defendants accused of violent crimes like murder, rape, and assault. Sometimes, they’re overzealous in their efforts and will fight hard to convict an innocent person for favorable publicity. Our defense lawyers will work to identify weaknesses in their evidence, discredit witnesses, and put forth the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

Regardless of the charges you’re facing, a charge is never a conviction in our eyes. With decades of combined legal experience, our criminal defense attorneys will leave no stone unturned in developing a strong, personalized defense strategy for you.

Whether you’re a first time offender or have a past criminal history, you deserve the best possible defense team in your corner. If you’ve been arrested, or suspect you’re being investigated, for a crime in the Prosper area, call us today. We offer a free consultation so that you can learn more about how we can help.

Let Our Experienced Prosper Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You Today

If you’re facing criminal charges, you should never have to handle your case alone. Your first step is to call an experienced Prosper criminal defense lawyer. Our lawyers at the Edgett Law Firm handle all types of criminal cases, from those that are simple to the highly complex. 

If you have any questions about criminal charges or are currently under arrest, don’t hesitate. Call our law office to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney today–your future could depend upon it. We represent clients in criminal courts across Prosper, Denton, and the surrounding counties in Texas.