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If a juvenile is caught with so much as a single gram of THC oil (wax) it’s a State felony.

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, its use among young people is certainly on the rise. However, many young people are still unaware of the potential legal ramifications of using the drug.

For example, in some states possession of marijuana is still a felony offense. This can lead to a permanent criminal record, which can make it difficult to get a job or housing in the future.

Possessing THC oil, also known as “wax”, in Texas is considered a more serious crime than simply possessing marijuana due to it being a concentrate.


Over the last few years, vaping THC oil has become popular, and under Texas law, is considered a concentrate. Under current law, even if you possess a small amount and it is your first offense, it can be punished as a felony.

In Prosper, a THC vape cartridge is treated the same way as a marijuana plant. If you have just one crumb from your pot brownie, it can lead to up to five years in jail.

“Somebody should go on the public announcement system in Plano and say, ‘Hey you guys, this is a felony,’ and they’d stop using,”

Prosper Juvenile Crimes Involving THC Cartridges

Like many other Texas high schools, Prosper high school has seen a spike in THC-related juvenile crime.

Recently, Prosper Law Enforcement, with assistance from school administrators, arrested several juveniles caught with THC vape cartridges. These children, though many were first-time offenders, could be facing a felony.

THC penalties

THC Vaping vs Cannabis

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States. However, in the past 10 years, its use has become more acceptable, even among adults who do not identify as someone who uses “drugs.”

With the growing trend of cannabis, there is also increased concern about its effect on brain development and function.

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It can produce a range of effects, from relaxation and increased appetite to anxiety and paranoia. Some people also report experiencing chest or lung discomfort, “body humming,” fainting, hallucinations, or cold sweats after using THC.

There are differences in the way THC from edibles affects the body compared to inhalation. THC’s concentration in marijuana varies significantly depending on its source (dried flower versus other consumables) and how it is processed/prepared.

Research shows that changes in brain structure and function can occur after only one or two uses of cannabis-containing products that contain an average or higher amount of THC and last for at least seven days or more without significant sleep disruption.

There are some data suggesting that cannabis-containing products with less than 5% THC may not affect brain structure and function to a significant degree. However, this is only when used less than once per week.

What Is a THC Oil Cartridge

Essentially, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil cartridges are miniature tanks that are filled with oils extracted from the cannabis plant. Most are 510 thread cartridges that have a small coil at the bottom to connect with a 510 thread battery.

Once connected, and by powering up the vape pen battery, heat is applied to the THC oil cartridge for vaporizing and inhaling.

grey vape lot

People who use THC may experience changes in their perception of time, feelings of relaxation, and heightened sensory perception. They may also have an increased appetite.

They carry much more of the THC chemical thereby much stronger.

What To Do If Your Child is Caught With a THC Oil Cartridge.

The Good News

As more and more states legalize marijuana, its use among young people is on the rise. Fortunately, most young people caught with THC for the first time are able to work through the legal system and avoid permanent damage to their records and reputations.

Fortunately, there are programs in place that can help first-time offenders avoid a criminal record. But parents and educators should still be having conversations with kids about the risks of using marijuana, both legal and otherwise.

Juvenile Crimes Involving THC Vape Cartridges Are Not Impossible to Defend

Drug attorneys in Texas say that police departments throughout the state have yet to develop testing equipment that determines how much THC is in a substance, which has resulted in many marijuana cases being thrown out.  

If your child is caught with THC vape cartridges be in for a long legal battle. Due to the severity of the criminal penalties you face, having a THC defense attorney on your side can make a significant difference between freedom and jail time.

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