One of a parent’s worst fears is to get a call from the police station regarding their child. However, if you’ve been called by the police or your child and informed they are accused of a DWI, you need to support your child through the difficult trial to come. A criminal charge puts your child’s future on the line, both in the short- and long-term. A criminal conviction early on could prevent them from getting early opportunities at a young age, which can make the rest of their life much harder. Here are the steps to take after you’ve received the call from the police station.

Step 1: Instruct Them to Stay Silent

If your child has been recently arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DWI), you can help by informing your child not to say anything to the police until a skilled DWI attorney is present. Regardless of their innocence, sometimes when people try to protest their lack of guilt, they can make the situation worse.

Step 2: Hire an Attorney

A lawyer is the best tool in your arsenal for helping your child avoid a conviction. DWI attorneys understand everything about the law regarding driving under the influence and all possible defenses for it. Your attorney can help you investigate the case thoroughly to ensure the police didn’t do anything illegal while they were testing, processing, and booking your child. Any evidence of the illicit behavior on the part of law enforcement could get the case thrown out.

Step 3: Write Everything Down

As soon as you and your child are safely home or in your attorney’s office, speak with your child openly about what happened and write everything down. Every detail of the arrest could be relevant, so make sure you record everything when it is fresh in his or her mind. Note whether the police performed field sobriety tests, asked your child to take a handheld breathalyzer test, and asked questions.

If your son or daughter has been accused of a DWI, make sure you do your best to defend their rights and freedom. Contact our skilled Plano DWI attorneys about your case as soon as possible. We understand you and your family may be going through the most stressful period in your lives. Let us offer our compassionate and aggressive advocacy.

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