False IDs aren’t uncommon among teens and young adults, who may use them to gain access to age-restricted products, such as alcohol or tobacco. Using a fake ID to buy alcohol or get into a club may seem like an innocent offense, but it can lead to serious legal consequences.

Fake I.D. Laws in Texas

Using a fake ID is a form of fraud, and you may break a number of laws by possessing one. Depending on how it is used, you could be facing a number of related charges.

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code §106.07 Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor

Using a counterfeit ID to purchase alcoholic beverages is punishable by state law. This is a Class C misdemeanor. Penalties may include fines up to $500, mandatory alcohol awareness classes, community service, and license suspension.

Texas Transportation Code §521.451 Possession of a Fake ID

A minor who is in possession of a false ID is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Penalties may include up to 1 year in county jail and fines up to $4,000.

Texas Transportation Code §521.453 Fictitious License or Certificate

It is a Class C misdemeanor to create a fake ID. Penalties may include fines up to $500, mandatory classes, court costs, community service, and license suspension.

Texas Penal Code §37.10 Tampering With Governmental Record

Is having a fake ID a felony in Texas?

The most serious charge, tampering with a government-issued identification card or driver’s license is subject to particularly strict penalties. The charges range from Class C misdemeanor to second-degree felony. Typically, it is charged as a third-degree felony, requiring penalties of 2-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

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