In Texas, to convict someone of assault, there must be sufficient enough evidence to support all of the elements of the legal definition of assault. There are two different types of assault charges in our state: simple assault and aggravated assault.

What Are the Differences?

Simple assault does not typically involve the use of weapons and the victim’s injuries tend to be minor.

Simple assault is defined as the following:

  • Intentionally causing bodily injury to someone
  • Intentionally threatening someone with bodily injury
  • Intentionally making contact with another person, knowing that the victim will find the action offensive

For a person to be charged with aggravated assault, often the evidence shows that the perpetrator used a weapon to commit the act.

Aggravated assault is defined as the following:

  • Intentionally causing serious bodily injury to another person
  • Using a deadly weapon in the commission of the crime or threatening, threatening to cause serious bodily injury, or making inappropriate contact with another person

How Would the Evidence Be Used?

In gathering necessary evidence, everything is open to interpretation. You have to remember, though, that if you are under investigation for a serious crime, you must have legal representation from a Plano criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Scott Edgett reviews thoroughly to determine if there were any weaknesses in the evidence or holes in the arguments.

Law enforcement might use the following tactics to uncover evidence:

  • Search your home, computer, or workplace
  • Confiscate your personal belongings
  • Look for pieces of DNA from clothing or fingerprints
  • Looking spent ammunition or recover any weapons at the scene of the incident

How Can You Defend Me?

There are many defenses available to an assault charge. There are many questions and a variety of factors to consider. How reliable is the evidence? Was the evidence obtained lawfully? Were you acting in self-defense? As a Plano criminal defense attorney, Scott Edgett has built an esteemed reputable with the local courts and judges. As such, he has successfully handled over 1, 000 criminal cases. He can get down to the bottom of nearly any case so that we can help you obtain a favorable resolution for a serious charge as assault.

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