Mallory Edgett is the Chief Operating Officer at the Edgett Law Firm. As COO, Mallory is responsible for the firm’s administrative functions, day-to-day operations, client interaction, and oversees the firm’s financial management. She works with the firm’s attorneys and administrative professionals to ensure exceptional quality and integrity of work to each and every client. In addition, she collaborates with the Edgett Law Firm team to create and implement the strategic plan for the firm to provide a stress free experience for our clients.

Mallory has worked for several Fortune 500 Companies, including: Perot Systems, Baylor Healthcare System, Dell Services, and NTT Data Services. During this she personally guided multimillion-dollar projects with her excellent interpersonal skills, dedication, experience, and endless perseverance.

Mallory is known as a person who demonstrates innovative or out-of-the-box considerations for effectively integrating people, processes, and systems. A few dimensions she possesses include process re-engineer, case developer, strategic planner extraordinaire, Microsoft Office Suite guru and her favorite – Negotiator (earned for her ability to revive the herd on leadership councils and technical geniuses). She thrives on the excitement of being involved and developing competence in planning and control at every level of every case.

No matter where she has been, she has produced top-notch work because she is dedicated to making sure each and every piece of her work stands out from the crowd. Whether it’s standard documentation for clients or internal leave behinds, she prides herself on her ability to recognize and articulate a distinct voice for every client.

Client management is her bread and butter, and keeping on top of cases and making sure all tasks get to the finish line at the same time is one thing she does best. The ability to juggle clients while never missing a deadline comes from leading very diverse clients – all with very different personalities, activities, schedules, and demands simultaneously. She has learned to budget her time and her assets, and most importantly, she has learned to be flexible and to get things done.

Mallory’s Professional Philosophy: 

“I like to always place myself in the position of the client and conduct myself in a way that will be most beneficial to the client and the Edgett Law Firm. I love the challenge of having many balls up in the air and not letting any fall to the ground.

Mallory’s Background:

Mallory was born in England while her father was serving in the United States Air Force. She has traveled around the world until finally making Texas her home when she was 8 years old. Mallory grew up and attended school here in the DFW area and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Technology. She is the proud parent to six high-spirited children who always keep her on her toes. Mallory enjoys traveling and all outdoor activities.

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