False Allegations are more common than you think

Nothing will ruin your reputation or future as quickly as false allegations.

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Committing a crime, especially against children, will destroy your life. But what if you did nothing wrong and still receive an accusation?

A long, happy life rests on the validity of words.

Who will people believe?

When you receive sexual assault false allegations, you become the less pitiable victim. But you still have options. You do not have to suffer from defamation.

Keep reading to learn about how to prove false allegations and what you must do to redeem your name and future.

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Everything in you will want to speak out when someone wrongly accuses you of a crime.

There will be a time for you to talk, but it’s not at the beginning of the process.

If you’re arrested, a police officer will read you your Miranda rights. The office will first tell you that you have the right to remain silent. Exercise that right!

From the moment you hear the false accusation, your accuser can use anything you say against you in court. So while you may be angry, do not let the heat of the moment lead you to say something your opponent will use against you in court.

Furthermore, your frustration may lead you to just give in and say you did something you did not do. Historical cases have led individuals to wrongly plead guilty. At this point, you’ve made your attorney’s job much more difficult.

Contact the Right Attorney When Falsely Accused

When someone accuses you of wrongdoing, do not respond, and then immediately contact your attorney.

If you do not have an attorney with experience, begin the search for a lawyer who specializes in dealing with false accusations. An experienced lawyer who understands libel, defamation, and sexual assault cases will best understand the laws and the best course of action.

In the same way, you wouldn’t seek out a podiatrist for your heart troubles, you should not hire a basic attorney to help you salvage your reputation and future.

Attorneys typically specialize in a type of law after they’ve completed law school and passed the bar.

As you look for an attorney, ask for the lawyer’s CV or resume. This will show you the number and types of cases they’ve handled.

Understand the Charges

When someone, especially a child, accuses you of misconduct, you’ve just moved into serious legal territory. Your situation is dire.

Begin by researching the consequences of the crime you’ve been accused of. A general attorney may tell you things like “they have no case” or assure you that you have nothing to worry about.

Defamation of character. Johnny Depp sues Amber Heard for ruining his reputation by falsely accusing him of assault and abuse.

Take the charges seriously from the start. If you react appropriately and quickly, then you can minimize the consequences thoroughly.

Then, educate yourself. Yes, you must hire an experienced, educated attorney. But if you want the best chance of regaining your reputation and future, you should take time to educate yourself on your allegations.

As you educate yourself, listen to your attorney. They will tell you which hoops to jump through. If they have experience, you must trust them for your best chances of avoiding false allegations.

You will have the best chances of avoiding long-term problems if you are the informed client and not just the client along for the ride.

Gather Funds For Your Defense

The legal defense will take time and significant money. From the moment you receive the allegations, you should start building a war chest.

If you face criminal charges in the areas of child rape, abuse, or domestic violence, you have a long, expensive road ahead of you. You will have to take psychological testing as well as a polygraph or something similar. You and your legal team will have to contact and arrange for legal experts to testify.

All of these services and tests cost money. No one will pay them for you, so prepare yourself for bills of thousands of dollars.

Some individuals will offer you cheap solutions. Beware of such solutions. Often, they lead to a conviction and a long time behind bars.

Gather Witnesses and Prep a Timeline

From the moment you receive false allegations, begin writing a timeline. Begin with the days before the allegation and then move up until the present day.

Take time to recall as much information as you can. Such a timeline will help your attorney put together the best defense case possible.

Then, begin creating a witness list. Begin with a simple list on a piece of paper, and then start gathering information for your attorney.

Purchase a stack of index cards, and begin your documentation. On each card write the person’s name and contact information including addresses, phone numbers, and email contact. Include a short biography and information about that individual’s employment.

This list of information will assist your attorney, allowing them to focus on the details of your case rather than writing down what you tell them about witnesses.

Don’t leave out any witnesses on the list, including bad witnesses. Your attorney will determine which witnesses are ultimately important. You just need to put the whole list together.

Thorough documentation such as a clear timeline as well as a list of witnesses and their contact information will save your attorney precious time and allow them to focus on the details of your case.

Overcome False Allegations

When you receive false allegations, you will see your present reputation and future career begin to unravel. People will treat you differently as they see your name all over social media.

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“Bad things happen to good people.” – Scott Edgett, Founding Attorney

Do not lose hope

When you take the proper steps, you have the best chance possible of regaining your reputation.

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