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Both personal investors and businesses alike rely on banks to handle their finances. Some even have several bank accounts open at once across several different banks, both brick and mortar and online.

Bank fraud can result in serious consequences for victims, but also for those wrongfully accused of having committed them.

If you were charged with one of these crimes, you need a McKinney bank fraud lawyer working on your case. The Edgett Law Firm can help.

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Types of Bank Fraud

Business person Removing Bank Note From Sleeve

The federal government can step in and take action against banks and illegal transactions.

These are serious matters and are never taken lightly should the cases go to court. Other charges that may be connected to fraud could include:

  • Check fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Conspiracy
  • Money laundering

Even having the slightest role in a case of fraud can have significant consequences, and can mean spending a substantial part of your life behind bars. Plus, you could lose your career, your circle of associates, and suffer a ruined reputation.

Sentencing for bank fraud could include the following:

  • Fines of up to $1,000,000
  • Up to 30 years in prison

With more than a decade in practice, our team understands what it takes to fight for your freedom. We can help you navigate through the complex legal waters, especially when it comes to a white-collar charge as serious as bank fraud.

Over the years, we have successfully helped over 1,000 people overcome their many legal obstacles. We do this with only our knowledge of the laws and our adherence to a strict standard of high-quality, reliable representation.

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